The Guides — Game Coming August 2015

It’s been way too long since I’ve last posted any updated work and for good reason. My radio silence is largely in part because I’ve been developing a mobile game for the majority of the past year. If you’re already familiar with my work and interests, you’re probably aware that I have an obsession with riddles and ciphers and I create my own web-based puzzles.

The Guides Promo

Rewind to January of 2014. The Kansas City-based developer Kevin Bradford reached out to me interested in a collaboration. The conversation casually started as he was interested in teaming up to help bring my puzzle-thinking-mind to the mobile space. I was very excited seeing as though most of my HTML-based puzzles were quite hacky and essentially (what I refer to as) duct-taped together by my limited CSS and front-end development skills. Having someone focus on the backend would make perfect sense because that would allow me to focus on the design and writing of the puzzles, instead of wasting hours toiling to get them to work properly.

Kevin’s impressive product catalog comprises mostly of children’s educational apps. He’s boasted more than 7 million downloads for apps developed for Android, iOS, Amazon and Nook platforms alike. Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed. We signed a mutual partnership agreement sometime in May 2014 and began development.

The Guides Device Preview

Due to my obsessive attention to detail and inability to make final design decisions (the curse of the creative when working on personal projects) and an abundance of patience from Kevin, we were eventually able to send out our initial build to a team of about 15 beta testers earlier this Spring. The process of testing, debugging and finessing took about two months, but it proved to be invaluable and we now have a product that’s (nearly) ready for the public.

I’m very happy to say that we submitted The Guides to Apple for approval two weeks ago. We received word last Friday that we are officially approved to launch. I don’t want to give away too much right now, but we are currently in the process of organizing our marketing and press release materials as well as finalizing an official launch date.

The Guides will be available very soon in the Apple, Google and Amazon app stores and will be optimized for handheld and tablet devices.

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