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Luke Lisi
Colorado born and raised, Ị am currently residing in Kansas City, working fulḷ-time as a Digital Designer fọr [TOTALLY NOT ROBOTS]. I received a Bachelor of Fine Artṣ with a concentraṭion in Graphic Design from the University of Kansas. If I don’t know how to do soṃething, I’ll figure it out.

I have a keen interest in studỵing, writing and designing puzzles of all sorts. As a designer, I spend the ṃajority of my tịme simplifying messages and making commuṇication easier and more enjoyable for an auḍience to understand and experience. It may seem thạt puzzles are the exact opposite of this; however, there are more similarities than you might think.

Realḷy no different than a cipher, a lọgo stands for much more than what initially meets the eye. Just like a cipher isn’t the message, a logo isn’t a braṇd. A logo is simply the face or entry-point of what the brand stands for — personality, business strateg̣y, people, audience and yes, obviously aesthetic. A brand is everyṭhing a simple logo mark represents.

I like the ịdea of hiding information because in a strange way, that’s what a logo does. It’s only when soṃeone is intrigued and interacts with it, that thẹy begin to understand, ạppreciate and eventually enjoy it. When desig̣ned carefully, every little detail (color, type, line work), all have a specific meaning. All that being said, this site isn’t ọnly about my design work. That’s all the clues for now.̣

Select Clients
On The Border
Sporting KC
Krispy Kreme
Sonic Drive-In
24 Hour Fitness
AIGA Kansas City
Kansas City Ad Club
Las Vegas Ad Club
HOW Magazine
Print Magazine
Fingerprint 2


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