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Last September, I released Homestead on Lost Type Co-op. I have yet to make a journal post about it, but I figure better late than never.

The Idea

Almost two years ago, I posted this shot on Dribbble with some custom lettering I had done. The Dribbble community seemed to like it and I had always wanted to design a fully functional font. As I was thinking about how this could work, it only made sense to have a layered set of fonts to really bring it to life. This also makes for tons of different combinations of styles that always do cool and unpredictable things making it more unique and fun to experiment with.

Homestead Font Sample 1


Homestead is a single weight, multiple-style slab serif. There are currently 6 styles in the family. Regular, Inline and Display make up the “normal” versions of the font and One, Two and Three are a set meant to be layered and used together. This allows the designer the flexibility and freedom to make different and unique combinations of styles.

Homestead also has alternate characters built into the OpenType features. The alternate characters have a more geometric, hard-edge block shape. “Homestead” (above) and “Pioneer” (below) are examples of these alternate characters.

Homestead Font Sample 5Homestead Font Sample 6

Out In The World

In the few months that it has been available to the public, I’ve seen it pop up in countless places. Student designers and design professionals alike have been frequently using it and sharing their designs with me. Not a week goes by where I don’t receive a tweet or an email with a sample of Homestead living somewhere. Be it a store front, a tote bag, or a laser-engraving, there are always new and interesting ways it’s being used. Brands such as AT&T, Applebee’s and ESPN have used it on everything from web to print and now even broadcast. It has been awesome to see and I can’t express enough gratitude.


I am so thankful to everyone that has downloaded it, used it and especially thankful for the gracious people that have contributed. It’s much appreciated and it makes all the hard work and countless hours that went into the design worth it. I frequently get emails from wonderful people thanking me, but the thanks goes out to you. So thank you.

Also, a huge thanks goes out to the fellas behind Lost Type — Riley Cran and Tyler Galpin. Thanks to Josh Scruggs, James Edmondson and Rod and James at Psyops Type for helping me troubleshoot some technical issues. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Homestead Font Sample 2Homestead Font Sample 3Homestead Font Sample

2 Responses to Homestead Typeface

  1. Nolan K says:

    Love this font!! It’s quite dynamic and I can already see it being used with various css and javascript functionalities.

    I’m using it for an upcoming personal project in Frontend Web Design, so I have to thank you for making it.

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