Puzzle – Section 1

I have created a puzzle. The rules are simple. Try to progress. Look for clues. The clues are there (or have been provided). It begins easy but progressively gets more difficult. Comment if you’re stumped.

23 Responses to Puzzle – Section 1

  1. Jessica Purse says:

    Who? is killing me and now there is a new one that i cant start because i cant figure this out…. ahhh

  2. I can’t figure out the -4 page, what am i supposed to do with not.day.but._____ the only hints are the bottom right arrow and the title subsequent, everything i try doesn’t work

  3. Carter says:

    Awesome puzzle Luke! You’ve inspired me to create my own puzzle. I figured out that it still worked shortly after I posted earlier. Can’t wait to try section 2 after I give my brain a rest.

  4. John says:

    Stuck at “misspelling”. I feel like the letters needed are a culmination of previous clues/answers – but the ones I came up with aren’t working. hmmmmm

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