Mysteries are a beautiful thing. The ambiguity sparks our curiosity and inspires us to try to make sense of something we don’t understand. Throughout this site, you’ll stumble across some peculiar things. They might seem like mistakes overlooked in haste — out of place objects — or you might not notice them at all upon initial study. However, I assure you they are intentionally left there with meaning.


I have never really provided details about the first 3 puzzles (1, 2, 3) only because that’s part of the enigma. Traditionally, they are sequential metapuzzles. Puzzles where you build on what you’ve learned. Here, you have my 4th puzzle. This is a little different because it’s more of a scavenger hunt. Throughout the pages on this site (excluding my Journal), I’ve placed a diverse range of codes for you to solve. Now some are easy, most are difficult, but a couple you might think are absurd.


Your first step is to find the clue. The second is to figure the answer out. Be sure to write it down. It will help you make more sense of things. Eventually, you should start to see patterns, patterns which will help you figure out the code below. Once you have all the correct answers, it will reveal a link to download an exclusive gift. There will be further instructions as well.


This gift will only be available for those thinkers who are savvy enough to figure it out and solving the puzzle will be the only method in which to obtain said reward. I hope you enjoy and thanks for looking around. Have fun.


Use this guideline to help keep track of your progress. Download a printer-friendly version here.